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Jointly owned Ski Apartment, Inheritance and Declining Inheritance Jointly owned Ski Apartment, Inheritance and Declining Inheritance

Property »Posted 16 Apr 2015 Post Answer

legal question First of all, the property is located in Pamporovo which is not listed but I think Plovdiv would be where the Notary is located. My problem is this. My husband died leaving no Will so his 50% share passes automatically to myself and my husband's 4 children from his previous marriage. I was willing to donate my now owned 60% to the 4 children but they are not keen for me to do this. I do not want my Children to have it due to the conflict of both sides so how can I dispose of it? I have the necessary documentation to just Declare it at the Tax Office but then when I die my Children will get it. If I leave a Will leaving it to the other 4 children they will decline it. Is there any way out of this for myself and my children please? I live in Spain, have a Spanish & English Will leaving my other Assets to my own Children only so I do not want the other 4 being able to change that. Please advise. Thankyou.

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